What Does It Mean To Be Saved?

To be saved means we have surrendered
our life to Jesus Christ.  It means our life no
longer belongs to us, it belongs to the Lord.

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice
for us when He gave His life in payment
for our sins, and when we get saved we
are making a sacrifice of our life to Him.

This is what it means to be a Christian,
a follower of Christ.  It means we have
surrendered our life to Jesus.  All we
do, where we go, everything regarding
our life is now done from a different
perspective - we do it all for the Lord.

When we get saved, we are literally
giving and living our life for Him.

There are so many Christians out there
today who are living without His Peace,
without His Joy and without any real
purpose simply because they have not
fully surrendered their lives to Christ.

This is also why false religions are so
popular – one simply accepts the false
teachings and they can continue to
live their life any way they choose.

Salvation is not something that just
happens to us and then we forget about
it.  We should be continually examining
ourselves to make sure that we are in
the faith.  We should love Christ so much
that we don't want any kind of sin to get
in the way of our relationship with Him.

Christians should be careful to set very
high standards for themselves. We need
to request wisdom from God continually.

Our relationship with Jesus should
be far more important than anything
else that is going on in our lives
today, tomorrow, or any time!

We have to remember that the world
will never applaud the basic truth of
the Christian faith.  Why?  Because
Christianity judges the world.  It
points out its error, it exposes its
illusions, it humbles it, and the
world just cannot take that.

The Church of Jesus Christ can never be
like this world.  When true to the Bible,
we will always be at odds with the world's
cultures.  We are not just at odds with
the world, we are in a war against it.

It was never meant for the world to
make havoc of the Church.  In fact,
the exact opposite is true.  The Church
was to make havoc of this fallen world!

Remember, the Church is not a building
or denomination.  The Church consists
of ALL the redeemed in Jesus Christ!

The wisdom we are learning from God
will never be popular, but it is the only
thing that can deliver and set us free!
Safe Am I ... In the Arms of Jesus!
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