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What Is A Saint?
The word “Saint” is a word that makes us
all shudder a little bit, I think.  We don't
like to be called Saints because we think
of a Saint as being unreal... you know,
"holier -than-thou", so unlike us today.

But the Saints of the New Testament
were people just like us.  They had their
struggles  and difficulties, disturbances
at home, problems at work, and troubles.

But the one remarkable thing about
them is that they were different,  which
is the basic meaning of the word Saint.
In the Greek, it is derived from the word
for holy, which means distinct, belonging
to God, and living differently.

Holiness is a mark of the Saint, but
Saints have problems like everybody
else, they just handle them differently.
They have different lifestyles.  They
are the faithful in Christ Jesus.

So, guess what?  If you are a child of
God, you are a Saint!  That means you
have been set apart to follow Christ.  You
ARE different because your sinful heart
has been washed by the blood of Jesus!

We need to be actively pursuing
holiness to help us as we grow into
our commitment with Christ.
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We must always remember that we are
His Representatives in this fallen world!