To Come To Jesus

To come to Jesus is to come to the end of
yourself and say,  "I don't like the sin in my life."

There are three people sitting in the chair where you are right now:
(1) The person you are. (2) The person you could be for God.
(3) And a person of evil if you take your eyes off God.  God's
Holy Word tells us we are all evil by nature without Him.

Don't run away from God when there's sin in your life.

Run To Him!

We must strive to have a personal relationship with Jesus
every day... day by day, until He comes to take us home.
We should pray every day for God's protection.

When we make Jesus the Lord of our Life, He becomes the
Saviour of our life, the Master of our life, the Ruler of our life,
the Controller of our life, and the Decision Maker of our life.
When we get saved, we are saying, "I voluntarily give up my
life and give myself to You, Lord. Here I am, Use Me!"

When we get saved, it means that we are walking with Him,
we are doing His Will and we are following His Word.  We
are holding fast to His Teachings and our conduct lets people
know that we are His.  To be in discipleship with Jesus means
we are able to imitate Christ in our lives, and we are to
open our mouths and tell others that Jesus loves them.

When we become Christians, the Bible says that we will have enemies.
Jesus had enemies and the very people who listened to His teachings
and followed him around, hung Him on a cross to die.  The bible says
that when we become Christians, we will become enemies even to
some members of our own household who are not saved.

As Christians, we feel it when we sin.  Our conscious, heart and mind will not
let us rest until we make it right with God.  David in the Bible went a whole
year without repenting to God and getting it right.  And in that year, he
was wearied, wrought, worried, wounded, wasted and weakened.  This is
called the sin of stubbornness.  We serve a God who gives  life to the
dead.  He gives life to us when we bring Him our dead circumstances.

We need to live under the anointing every day.
What does that mean?

The anointing is not an emotion.  Yes, we do feel it.  But we feel
it because the anointing is the "Presence of God."  To anoint
means to rub... it is that special touch for a special passing.  

The Presence of God... we need it for everything we do!

So, don't live in the flesh.
Get ready and then Stay Ready!

Put on the helmet of Salvation.
Put the Sword of the Spirit in your hand.
Gird your loins with the Righteousness of Truth.
Put on the Shield of Faith.
Shod your feet with the Spirit of Peace.

Come to Jesus!
Jesus Loves You!
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Brokenness is that place where we finally realize that
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