Why do we think God let the Israelites wander
around and around the same mountain for forty
years before He led them into the Promised Land,
when it was only an eleven day trip?  Could it be
because they were grumbling and complaining?
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of the Power of God working in our lives.

God will only help us when we are praising and being thankful.
He cannot help us if we are grumbling and complaining.  If we
are not thankful for what we have now, why in the world do
we think He would give us something else to gripe about?

Complaining is so natural to the old flesh, but we need
to slap it back into the ground where it belongs,
because it's supposed to be dead.

The rule is simple; Serve the Lord with gladness!
We should be challenged to do as Daniel did;
thanking God on our knees 3 times every day!

And when God sees we are thankful for what He has
already given us, He will give us more.  We need
to do a lot more "thanking" rather than "asking".

We cannot feel sorry for ourselves and expect God to help us.
The flesh is so crazy!  We thank God for helping us and then
what do we do?  We turn around and try to get someone to
feel sorry for us.  We cannot be pitiful and powerful,
so... which one do we choose?

We should never boast and brag and take the glory for what
God has done for us.  We have to give God all the praise and
glory for everything He has done in our lives.  Do not try
to steal from God.  Don't be a Glory Thief!