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The Spirit and the Flesh

As we read about the ministry of
Jesus, we notice the crowds that
followed Him when He healed
people miraculously.  Entire cities
turned out to hear His messages.

But when it came down to the end
of His life, where were the crowds?
Where were the hundreds He healed?

There was only a handful at the foot
of the cross.  And why was that?

Because anything that is done to the
spirit is far more significant than
something that is done to the body.

The ones that Jesus healed did not
stand with Him through the test of the
cross, but when the disciples went out
preaching in the Power of the Spirit,
they won people by the thousands.

And when the testing came, these
men and women were willing to
face lions, to be pulled apart on
the rack, and be burned alive,
rather than deny Jesus.

Anything that is done to the
spirit of a person is permanent;
but that which is done to the
flesh is merely temporary.

All those whom Jesus healed or
raised from the dead - died again.

But what is done to the spirit of a
person is far greater.  This is what
Jesus means by
"greater works".
We are not human beings
having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings
having a human experience