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The Simplicity of Christ

The most important thing about being a Christian is that we
keep the simplicity of Christ at the very center of our lives.

It's really a very simple thing.  When religion becomes
complicated, it's a definite sign of departing from Christ.

The world around us is getting more and more complex
because it's drifting farther and farther away from God.

Ephesians 4:17  relates to the Christian in relationship to this
unbelieving world.  And even though it was written almost
2000 years ago, the world today is exactly the same.

Christians must think differently than the world does because the
world's thinking is empty.  The Scriptures tell us that a Christian
cannot love the world and the Father at the same time because
there's a fundamental difference between the two.
 1 John 2:15
This is why friendship with the world is enmity with God.  James 4:4

Fallen people pride themselves on their ability to reason,
but in God's eyes, human reasoning is empty and vain.  Either
God is right or the world is right.  It cannot be both.

As Christians, we must choose on which basis to live
our lives.  We must ask the Lord to change our
thinking because growth and change begin there.

Christianity is about relationship.  It's about living with
Christ on a daily basis, and that is the simplicity of the Faith.

Daily companionship with Jesus is the simplicity that is in Christ.
Christ is ours all day long and we live out of that relationship
with the expectation of His Presence.  That is so awesome!

The danger we constantly face is that we can
get so involved in the things ABOUT Christ,
that we fail to live in a relationship WITH Christ.

We can lose out, right smack in the middle of
our Christian activities, if we are not careful.
We can lose out in the pressures of daily living.

We can get so busy and so worried and so anxious about
ourselves and the things that are happening to us, that
we lose the sense that Christ is with us and that He is
adequate ... the beautiful “simplicity that is in Jesus.”
My Most Gracious Heavenly Father,
I pray that nothing will ever take me away from my
day to day, moment to moment relationship with You!
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