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The Providence of God

We are not the sovereign masters of
our fate.  Only God is sovereign.  His
sovereign control is called providence.

He chose to give us a free will, and He
created a moral universe in which the
law of cause-and-effect is a reality.

But God is God alone, and there are no
accidents in the universe.  An all-wise,
all-powerful, all-knowing God must
have a plan, so it should be no surprise
that the Bible speaks of a divine plan.

God’s plan, since it belongs to God, is
holy and wise.  And it is the providence
of God that is working to bring about
His original plan for creation.

God says in
 Isaiah 48:3:
"I foretold the former things long
ago, my mouth announced them and
I made them known; then suddenly
I acted, and they came to pass.”

What God announces, He does, even if
he announces it centuries ahead of time!

Fighting against the plan of God is
pointless.  There is no wisdom, no
insight, and no plan that can succeed
against the LORD!  
Proverbs 21:30

This is why the Tower of Babel was
never completed.  
Genesis 11:1-9

That is why Daniel’s detractors were
thrown into the lion's den.  
Daniel 6:24

That is why Jonah spent time
inside a fish.  
Jonah 1:17

That is why I get in trouble when I sin!

Even what some today call chance or
fate is under God’s control:
The lot is
cast into the lap, but its every decision
is from the LORD.
 Proverbs 16:33

In other words, God does not take a hands-
off approach to running things in this world.

Everything that happens is made to
work out according to God’s purpose.

Evil does exist, but it is not allowed
to thwart God’s providence.  God uses
even sinful men for His purposes.  Even
when the intent is purely evil, God can
still bring about His Will - just as in
the case of those who crucified Jesus.
Acts 2:23,  Acts 4:27-28
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