The Master's Card gives you the
greatest rate on Love that has ever
been offered, not to mention the
endless benefits for “Members Only".

Want real Joy despite the
difficulties of life?

Want a lasting Peace?

Looking for something that
you can always rely on?

Apply for The Master's Card today!

It never expires.
It can never be cancelled.
It’s absolutely priceless…

And best of all,
It’s only a Prayer away!

So, don’t forget…

There are some things
that money can buy.

But for everything else…
There's The Master's Card!
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The Master's Card
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We know we've grown up when none of the things
we really want in life can be bought with money.
You don't want to miss this special offer!
The Master's Card

We've all received applications
for credit cards in the mail, but
today I'm here to offer you
a different kind of card.

Yes, I am a proud owner of
The Master's Card!

So, let me tell you a little bit about it.

There are no finance charges.

And no payments are ever due because
your bill has already been paid in full!

It is accessible 24 hours a day,
from anywhere in the world.

Ahhh, yes...
The Master's Card!

There are so many benefits, there's just
simply no way to list them all here.

But just for starters,
there's Unlimited Grace...

That's right, there's no pre-set limit
to the amount of Grace you can
receive from The Master's Card!