The Inheritance

An elderly lady once left the
following to her nephew:

$20,000 and My Bible
and All it Contains.

The young man thought he knew
what the Bible contained, so
he didn't bother to open it.

He merely picked it up, put it on a
high shelf in his house, and headed
for Las Vegas.  It wasn't long
until all his money was gone.

He lived the next 60 years as a
pauper, scraping for every meal and
barely having the clothes on his back.

As he was moving to a convalescent
home, he reached up to grab that
old Bible, and accidentally dropped
it from his trembling hands.

It fell to the floor and opened,
revealing a $1,000 bill between
EVERY single page.

That man lived his life as a pauper
when he could have lived in luxury,
simply because of his prejudice.

You see...  He only THOUGHT
he knew what the Bible contained.

The truth is that most people don't
know that the Bible contains a
wealth of incredible scientific,
medical and prophetic facts.

We should be careful to not miss
out on the important things in this
life simply because we THINK we
know what all the Bible contains.

The best thing to do
with your Bible is to
Know it in your Head,
Stow it in your Heart,
Sow it in the World and
Show it in your Life!
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