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"The Holy Spirit of God"
We know that God's Holy Spirit is sealed within us because
the Lord promised us that it is.  
2 Corinthians 1:21-22,
2 Corinthians 5:5, Ephesians 1:13-14

Every believer sins at times and then we feel sad about it later.
That’s when God's Holy Spirit is convicting us, moving us to confess,
so we can be forgiven and then restored to fellowship with Him.

When a believer sins, it does not mean that they are not saved.
Even Paul could not stop sinning, no matter how hard he tried.
Romans 7:18-19

It may take days, months, even years, but the Holy Spirit of God
will deal with us.  We must be very cautious here and listen, because
God tells us in  
Genesis 6:3  that His Spirit will not strive with man
forever.  After a time, and only God knows when, our hearts can
be hardened and He will not deal with us anymore.  
Proverbs 29:1

After we are convicted of our sins and we have yielded, it is God's
Holy Spirit that gives us life and is our witness before Him.  We
know that we are saved because it is His Spirit that assures us
that we are.  That's how we just "know that we know"...  because
God's Holy Spirit assures our spirit and then dwells within us.
It is our spirit that keeps us alive.  The Holy Spirit of God
speaks to our spirit, not our minds.  God talks to us spirit to
spirit.  We must be very careful in how we deal with God's
Holy Spirit; remembering always that when the Bible speaks
of "The" Holy Spirit, it is talking about The Spirit of God.

"God is a Spirit; and they that worship Him,
must worship Him in Spirit and Truth."
John 4:24
As Christians, we are to always walk in the Spirit.
We have not ended our walk when we've learned a new
lesson from God because tomorrow there's another step,
another the next day, and another the day after that.  

We're so happy when the Holy Spirit helps us to achieve
some kind of victory, like giving up a bad habit, that we
just want to settle down there and enjoy it - but He will
not let us stop.  The Christian life is a continual progress.

A truly spiritual person will always say there is so much
more in their life that needs to change.  That is the mark
of a person who truly wants to know God.  If you are a true
believer, if you are really growing in your faith, you will always
be open and humble, realizing there is so much more to learn.
Here is True Wisdom; Think Christianly about life!
Look at what you are going through, not from the
standpoint of what this world says is right, but
upon what is right according to the Word of God.

Paul tells us in
 Galatians 5:16  that our old natures have to be
kept under control by walking in the Spirit.  When we live by
the Spirit we will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature.

We should call on the Holy Spirit of God every day!
Psalm 2:8,  Isaiah 45:11,  Isaiah 65:1,  Matthew 7:7
Matthew 21:22
,  John 14:13,  John 15:7,  John 15:16
James 1:5
,  1 John 3:22,  1 John 5:14