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The Enemy

Satan's first attack on any Christian is
the family.  He is real.  He is powerful.
He is angry.  He is very deliberate.  He is
not sleeping and he wants to destroy us.

God created a numberless amount of
angels, and Satan is a fallen angel who
tried to overthrow God.  So God cast him
out with his followers, 1/3 of the angels.

Satan makes himself appear the exact opposite
of what he really is by disguising himself as an
angel of light so we won't recognize him.  That's
why we are to test everything with Scripture,
because Satan plants tares among the wheat.
Tares are not real and they do not know God.

But we are just pawns in his little game and not
even the real issue here.  Satan despises - he
hates Jesus Christ.  Why?  Because he wants to
be God.  That is why we must put on the full armor
of God, so we can take our stand against his evil
1 Peter 5:8,   Isaiah 14:12,  Ephesians 6:11,
Matthew 13:38,  Revelation 12:4,  2 Corinthians 11:14

While God does allow Satan a certain
amount of freedom
(Job 1:12), we need to
understand that it was Satan's choice
to attack God's children.
 1 Peter 5:8

When Adam disobeyed God, it subjected
us to being open to attacks from Satan.
It is part of our fallen nature - Sin,
but it was never in God's plan for us.

The devil never quits.  He is never going to
give up while we are still alive.  Even those
Christians who have lived over seventy years
will tell you the battle is just as intense,
sometimes even more so, than it ever was.

That means even our retirement days
will not be without difficulty or struggle.
That's what the world thinks, but that's
a confused and distorted view of life.

We will experience good things and bad things, but
all of these things can be made to be good as God
works them out.  So even the attacks of Satan can
be considered good as God uses them in our lives
to conform us to Christ, His Son.  
Romans 8:29

Christians cannot expect the battle to end until
the Lord calls us to glory, because that is the
nature of life.  God has wonderful blessings and
much encouragement and joy for us along the way,
but we must never stop battling against the flesh,
and the devil, until the good Lord calls us home.

The enemy will never quit.  If he can't undermine
us with fear, he'll just try something else.  So,
let's be grateful for victories won, but we should
never be complacent as if the battle were over.
Satan does exist.  He is called the serpent.  Genesis 3:1;  Revelation 12:9
He has power with devils and men.  Matthew 12:22;  I Peter 5:8
He has a people who will not hear God  (John 8:44-47)  some of whom
deceive people as ministers of righteousness.
 2 Corinthians 11:13-15

But we must always remember. . .
Jesus Christ has broken the power of Satan
 (Hebrews 2:14)  and
HIS NAME makes devils impotent against Christians.
 Luke 10:17
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