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Sin Is A Choice

Sin is a choice that always costs more
than we ever want to pay.  When we open
our life up to sin, one sin leads to another,
until we end up doing things that we never
would have ever imagined ourselves doing.

But one of the most beautiful things about
the Bible is that it does not hide the sins
of even those who did great things for God.
It documents the consequences of their
sins, showing that even those of great faith,
must pay the price when they choose to sin.

We can all look back at the sins we chose
to commit in our own life and see the high
price we have had to pay for those sins.

Sin is not free – it costs, but sin
is a choice we make - we choose to sin.

So, the next time we are confronted with the
choice to sin or not, we need to remember that
it is not a matter of IF we will pay a price for
our sin, but HOW MUCH of a price we will pay.

God is merciful, but He is also just, and
He will not go on overlooking sin forever.
There comes a time when He has to act.
He will not compromise His Values.

God does not want us to obey His Rules
just out of fear.  He wants us to obey them
because it’s the right thing to do.  The motive
has to be right in order to make the action right.

We need to be careful in becoming so immersed
in the ways of the world that we lose sight of
where our real home is.  If we let ourselves
fall into that trap, we will become unfruitful,
ignoring Kingdom opportunities here and
forfeiting Kingdom rewards there.

As Christians, we must have the faith to live
out our beliefs and believe God’s Promises
for eternity, so we won't focus on the here
and now.  We should be so passionately
yearning to leave here that our feet
barely touch the ground when we walk!

We are called to walk with God.
We are His children.  We belong to
Him.  That's why we live at a different
level from those around us.  When we
remember "whose" we are, we will not
go along with the wrong things that most
people are being pressured into today.

We need to remember that there's a
ripple effect from sin that touches
many innocent people, plus the fact
that we can only sin for so long before
we have to deal with the consequences.

Whatever temporary benefit we receive
when we choose to sin is quickly replaced
by the permanent scar that sin will always
leave, and in the end, it's never worth it!
We have choices to make every day.
We can choose to sin or choose to obey God.