Are our Priorities in line
with God's Word

The Bible says that if our life is out of order,
then our priorities must be out of order.

We must be sure our priorities are in line with
God's Word.  We must strive to put God first
in every area of our lives.  We need to be talking
with God.  He will forgive us and help us with this
when we ask. And as long as we are sincere,
He never gets tired of us asking!

1st Priority
God and his Commandments

2nd Priority

3rd Priority
Everything Else

Lord, Your Word says that if
we seek You, we shall find You.

You also say:
"I am the Lord thy God.
I Change Not."

So, guess who changes?
We Do!

We must consider our ways...
Our Conduct, our Behavior and our Lifestyle.

If we really sincerely want something that we've
never had before, it is true that we have to do
something that we've never done before.

And the absolute worse thing we can do is nothing!

There is our part and then there's God's part.
God gave worms to the birds for food, but
He didn't shove them down their throats.

We have to do our part!

Remember that when we're growing the most
is when we're hurting the most, BUT we're doing
the right thing anyway! That is awesome!

There is no greater Honor to give our King
than to trust Him no matter what
the circumstances may be.

Ya know, it's one thing when we start trusting
the Lord, but it's a whole other thing when
He can start trusting us!  Wow!  We
need to really think about that!

We need to pray even when, and especially
when we don't feel like it.  As children of God,
we are partakers of God's Divine Nature.

That means we see, hear and understand what
the "world" cannot and so we should strive
to do what is pleasing to Him!
God has a way of making things come out
right for those who love and serve Him!
Safe In the Arms of Jesus!
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