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Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you
for loving me and making me for Your
unique and special reason.  I know I
serve a great purpose in Your Kingdom
because You made me.  Forgive me when
I forget that and help me to feel Your
love today.  Equip me to give that love
to all those I come in contact with.

I long to be transformed more into Your
Likeness.  Thank You for the opportunity
to serve those that You have placed in my
life.  Refresh me by Your Holy Spirit and
fill me with a passion to serve You daily.

Help me to acknowledge You in all things,
Lord.  I desire to be devoted to You
wholeheartedly with all that I have and
do.  Help me to have a willing mind and
spirit when You nudge me to do the
things that are not always comfortable,
desirable, or even make sense to me.

Uncover the ugliness of my heart where
my motives are wrong and selfish, and
help me to have a humble heart and open
hands to do whatever You ask me to do.

Thank You for making the ultimate
sacrifice for me so that my sins can
be forgiven.  I trust by faith that my
past has been wiped away and I have
been given a new start.  I don’t trust
this by my feelings, but by the truth
of Your Word.  If You said it’s true,
I believe it.  Thank You for giving
me such a wonderful gift.

Thank You for always being by my
side to comfort me and for allowing
me the privilege to share Your Goodness
with others.  Give me the correct words
to comfort the hurting people that I
meet.  Thank You, Lord, for the joy
that comes after the weeping.  In
Jesus Name I pray, Amen.
Prayer is the expression of our dependence on a loving
God.  To have confidence before God means that we
have a close relationship with Him.  We have a clear
understanding of our right to come before Him with
boldness, in Christ’s Name, on His merit, not our own.

There is nothing more exciting than to see an invisible
God do visible things that only He can do in our lives,
meeting our needs, and satisfying our hearts.  God
designed this wonderful process called Prayer so
you and I can be on the receiving end of His Grace!