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Trials, testing and trouble prove to us that our faith
is genuine and lets us know the condition of our heart.
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Nobody's Perfect!

Sometimes we feel that we aren't worth much and
that we are destined to fail.  When we think that
God can't use us or make anything out of us,
we should consider the following:
NOAH got drunk.
Genesis 9:21

ABRAHAM was too old.
Genesis 17:17,  Genesis 25:7

JACOB lied.
Genesis 27:1-46

LEAH was ugly.
Genesis 29:16-18

JOSEPH was abused.
Genesis 37:22-28

MOSES had a stuttering problem.
Exodus 4:10

GIDEON was afraid.
Judges 6:1-40

SAMSON had long hair and was a womanizer.
Judges 16:17,  Judges 16:5

RAHAB was a prostitute.
Joshua 2:1

JEREMIAH and TIMOTHY were too young.
Jeremiah 1:6

DAVID was an adulterer and a murderer.
2 Samuel 11:2-4,  2 Samuel 11:14-17

ELIJAH was suicidal.
1 Kings 19:4

ISAIAH preached naked.
Isaiah 20:2

JONAH ran from God.
Jonah 1:3

NAOMI was a widow.
Ruth 1:3

JOB went bankrupt.
Job 1:21

JOHN THE BAPTIST ate locusts.
Matthew 3:4

PETER denied Christ.
Mark 14:71

The DISCIPLES fell asleep while praying.
Matthew 26:40

MARTHA worried about everything.
Luke 10:40-42

MARY MAGDLENE was demon possessed.
Mark 16:9

The SAMARITAN WOMAN was divorced more than once.
John 4:17-18

ZACCHEUS was too small.
Luke 19:2-3

PAUL was a murderer and a blasphemer.
1Timothy 1:12-16

TIMOTHY had an ulcer.
1Timothy 5:23

and LAZARUS was dead!
John 11:1-57
When God calls us, He does so for a purpose that
we are able to fulfill, not necessarily through
our own wiles and intelligence ... but through
our weakness and His might.

So, we should not hesitate or make excuses
when God calls us. We should just trust that
He will provide all that we need to succeed
and then we need to move forward!

And just remember ... Nobody's Perfect!

"For All have sinned and come short
of the Glory of God."  
Romans 3:23

"As it is written, There is none righteous,
No, not one."  
Romans 3:10

So ... No More Excuses!