My Daily Prayer
O God of compassion, have mercy on me.
Forgive me of my sins.  Baptize me with
love and let me receive Your Grace.

Do in me everything You need to, so
You can do through me everything You
want to.  Teach me Thy Ways, O Lord.

Bless me indeed and increase my
influence for You.  Draw me near to
You, so that I may feel Your Presence.

Help me to stay focused on You so that
I will always remember Your Promises,
consider Your Provisions, and remember
Who You Are and What You Can Do!

Open my eyes so that I may see Your
Glory.  Open my mind so that I may
believe Your Truths.  Open my heart
so that I may receive Your Love.

Thank You, Lord, for loving me so
completely.  Keep thy hand upon me
and protect me from the evil one.
May Your Will be done in my life,
I pray, Amen.
You Are Special
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The most important Person in the whole
universe wants to get together with you!  He
met with Moses on the mount and He will meet
with you too through His Word and prayer.

Prayer is conversation with God.  It is our
point of contact with Him.  God designed this
wonderful process by which we might receive
from Him.  That is the true purpose of prayer!