Luke 1:1-50

The Bible tells us that December 25th was
the conception of Jesus Christ, not His birth.

THIS CAN BE PROVEN  by starting with
John the Baptist, the forerunner to Jesus Christ.
The things that happened to Jesus Christ when He
was walking the earth were written down for others.
Luke 1:1
They were eyewitnesses to the events and teachings of
Jesus Christ and they help others with what they learned.
Luke 1:2
Luke being called of God, also had perfect understanding
of the works of Jesus Christ, so he wrote them down as
well. Theophilus means dear friend of God or dear fellow
Christian.  Luke also had us in mind when writing this book.
Luke 1:3
We will know for sure and not have
to guess what Luke is telling us.
Luke 1:4
Zacharias was a descendant of Aaron which means he was a Levite.
Elisabeth was also a descendant of Aaron. Zacharias had to be a
Levite and be married to a Levite to be able to serve as a priest.
What this verse also gives us is a date of when this took place.
Luke 1:5
Zacharias and Elisabeth followed the laws of God
and fulfilled the duties of a Levitical priest.
Luke 1:6
I have no doubt that they were praying for a child
as they were getting older.  Zacharias also probably
wanted a son to take his place so he could retire.
Luke 1:7
Zacharias is on duty and fulfilling his obligations as a priest
of the course of Abia.  Remember that the time of year is our
June 13-19.  Zacharias went into the temple of the Lord and
only a priest can do that, so he was alone, but not for long.
Luke 1:8-9
As Zacharias was burning the incense that went
up to our Father, the people prayed - maybe
feeling they would be better heard at this time.
Luke 1:10
Zacharias was minding his own business doing his job
when God sent an angel to talk to him. He was troubled
and afraid, scared to death was probably more like it. To
be in the presence of an angel from God or God Himself,
is not something that our flesh can adjust to quickly.

Jacob was scared by a dream from God in  
Genesis 28:10-22
and Zacharias is not doing much better with the angel from
God.  Both of those men were chosen by our Father to do His
will, and neither one took it lightly when He spoke to them.
Luke 1:11-12
The angel told Zacharias to relax and not to be afraid. John was
given his name by God and it means “Yehovah is a gracious giver”.
Luke 1:13
Even before John is born of woman, he will be filled with the
Holy Spirit.  He will be great in the eyes of God because he is
the forerunner to Christ and will turn many hearts to Jesus Christ.
The reason Luke is telling us all this is so that we will know the
date of the conception and birth of John as well as Christ.
Luke 1:14-15
John would be the one in the wilderness saying "Prepare ye
the way of the Lord, make His paths straight."  John came
in the spirit of Elijah but he was not Elijah, they are not
the same person.  John just had the same type of spirit that
Elijah did in the eyes of the Lord.  The just is Jesus Christ.
Luke 1:16-17
Zacharias not only lost the fear he had but now he is even doubting
what the angel is saying.  He is saying "My wife and I are too old
for this to happen, how can this be?"  He is looking for a sign now.
Luke 1:18
Gabriel means mighty man of God.  He is the archangel that stands in
the presence of God.  He tells Zacharias that he was sent by God to
tell him these things. The fear is probably coming back to Zacharias now.
Luke 1:19
He asked for a sign and he got one.  He will not be able to
speak again until these things happen just like Gabriel said
they would. Zacharias said his last words for nine months.  He
will not be able to speak again until John is born in  
Luke 1:57-64.
Luke 1:20
The people were getting restless
because he was gone longer than normal.
Luke 1:21
Gabriel was true to his word.  If Gabriel
ever appears to you, DON'T challenge him.
Luke 1:22
Zacharias had to serve to the 19th of June so he left on
20th.  His house was about 30 miles from Jerusalem
so at his age it would take him about
2 days to get home.
When he got home he probably rested some, therefore
the conception of John would happen on June
23rd or 24th.
Luke 1:23
Elisabeth conceived just like Gabriel told Zacharias she would.
She hid for 5 months so that brings us to November 24th.
Luke 1:24-25
Gabriel is back 6 months after talking to Zacharias.
Elisabeth has been pregnant with John for six
months now, which brings us to December
Luke 1:26
Espoused means to be promised in marriage, to be
betrothed.  Joseph was a relative of King David
which means he was from the house of Judah.
Luke 1:27
"Hail" means to be cheerful.  The angel is telling Mary that she
has found a whole bunch of grace in the eyes of God.  She's also
been blessed, as she is the mother of our Saviour Jesus Christ.
Luke 1:28
Mary is thinking to herself 'What in the world is he talking
about?'  It's not like people said this kind of stuff to her
all the time.  A little bit of fear is entering her mind.
Luke 1:29
Gabriel is telling Mary not to fear,
that she received grace from God.
Luke 1:30
Jesus was named by God and it means 'Salvation of
Yehovah'. This is God's way of bringing salvation
into this world.  Jesus Christ was God in the flesh
here to die on the cross for our sins.  Now, that's love!
Luke 1:31-33
Mary is wondering how can this happen seeing that she never
has been with a man.  Mary is showing her faith by not questioning
that it CAN happen but just wondering HOW it will happen.
Luke 1:34
Overshadow means to cast a shade upon, (by analogy)
to envelope in a haze of brilliancy; figuratively, to
invest with preternatural influence.  We are told how the
conception of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ happened.
Luke 1:35
We are told again that Elisabeth has been pregnant with
John for six months now. That is important to fix the date here,
which is December
25th as the conception of Christ, not His birth.
Luke 1:36
What a wonderful statement about our Father!
What we think is impossible is not a problem for God.
He is able to do anything He wants at any time.
Luke 1:37
It is wonderful that Mary had such faith and trust in what the
angel told her.  So now the angel leaves Mary and the conception
of the Son of God takes place on December the
Luke 1:38
Mary runs to see her cousin Elisabeth to share the great news. This
shows more faith on Mary's part, as she wants to share in the news
of Elisabeth's conception that the angel told her about in  
Luke 1:36.
Luke 1:39-40
The Holy Spirit gave Elisabeth knowledge that Mary is the mother of
our Lord and Saviour.  Elisabeth was also being humble in  
Luke 1:43
when she asked why the mother of the Lord should come and see
her. The Spirit of our Lord was so strong inside Mary's womb, that
John being in Elisabeth's womb for six months, jumped for joy.
Luke 1:41-45
What wonderful words from the mother of our Saviour,
Jesus Christ!  What God wants from us is our love.  We
should have a feeling of deep respect and awe for Him.
Luke 1:46-50
Jewish Month
English Month
Conception of John
23rd Sivan
June 23rd - June 24th
Birth of John
7th Nisan
March 28th - 29th
Begetting of Christ
1st Tebeth
December 25th
Birth of Christ
15th Tisri
September 29th
December 25th is when Christ began to dwell among us,
but it is the day of His Conception, not His Birth.

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