Always Remember:  Faithfulness sows seeds for
Promotion and God rewards His faithful people!
Safe Am I - In the Arms of Jesus!
Lord, Why All This Pain?
Sometimes God allows conflict and difficulties in our lives
for the same reason we discipline our own children - He loves
us.  No wise parent gives his child everything they want, and
God is the wisest Father ever.  He allows us to go through
pain sometimes because He loves us and wants us to grow.

The Bible tells us that God disciplines us for our good
so we may share in His Holiness.  
Hebrews 12:1-29

And then there are those times when we have problems
because we're doing what we want to do, instead of what
God would have us to do.  Nobody can make us sin - it's
a choice we make, and then when we keep silent about
it, our thoughts trouble us and we become distraught.

But no matter where the pain is coming from, we know
where to go for help - our hope is in the Lord!  We need
to just trust God!  We need to remember how great His
Love is for us so we can experience His Joy and Peace.

We all go through seasons of emotional pain.  We must
seek Him and trust Him so that we can learn from Him
as our loving, Heavenly Father.  The Bible says when
we do this, everything we need will be given to us.

God will reward us for all the injustices that have
been done to us, if we do not turn away from Him.
If we are faithful to Him, He will be faithful to us!

We struggle because we have the desire to please
ourselves, instead of the desire to please God.
But we must always remember that the only reason
we are even on this planet is to serve Him!  That
puts everything into its proper prospective for us.

So when our life gets all out of order, we need to
run to God in prayer and ask for His forgiveness.
We need to identify the problem areas in our life,
go to the Scriptures, and get our life straight!

Prayer should be our first choice, not our last
chance.  When we pray, it's not to get God to do
our will, prayer is getting us ready to do God's
will.  We should turn to God in prayer and give
Him our whole heart.  The Bible says when we
do this, He will answer our cry.  Amen to that!

Faith is our actions based on what we believe,
and God tells us in His Word that ALL things
are possible if we only believe!  God will restore
and refresh our lives when we trust in Him for
all things.  He will lead us in the path that is right
for us because God has a good plan for our lives!
What About Physical Suffering?
Physical Suffering is one of the most difficult kinds of weakness
to endure.  Even if someone has extraordinary spiritual strength,
it is still hard to keep a positive attitude and focus on God when
the body is not able to function normally or is in constant pain.

Even though spiritual concerns are more important than physical
ones, our bodies are the instruments through which our spirits
must do most of their work, and when the instrument is
broken, it isn't always easy to maintain joy and give thanks.

The Bible tells us that the testing of our faith produces
patience, so the thing we must always do is to see today
against the backdrop of eternity, and remember - suffering
bathes our hearts in humility and reminds us to lean on God.

The pathway to holiness always involves some sort of
suffering.  Think about it.  When our lives are all roses
and no thorns, we tend to be spiritually complacent.
We neglect serious self-examination and confession.

But affliction has a way of stripping away the stubborn
deposits of selfishness that build up in the course of
everyday life.  The psalmist put it this way,
“Before I
was afflicted I went astray, but now I keep your word.”

The truth is that every person we've ever met is
hurting in some sort of way.  The sad part is that
while some do become better, others become bitter.
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