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Is Our God Green?

Okay, ready for this one? You may have already heard,
but I had not.  We can now add to our collection, the all new
"Environmentally Safe, Eco-Friendly, Hip
Green Gospel".

Green Bible; Green Letter Edition" has hit the bookstores and
is published by none other than HarperCollins, the same publishers of
"The Satanic Bible" by Anton La Vey.  More than 37,000 copies have
already been printed.  The first 25,000 sold out within just a few weeks.

HarperCollins says their "commitment to the environment is the
core element of their religious publishing strategy," so they are
delighted to be the first to offer us "an environmentally friendly
option, a priceless message that does not cost the earth."

Wow, I had to go back to make sure I read that right.  I sure am
relieved they came out with a new version of God's Word that does
not rob this earth of any of it's valuable resources! Aren't you? Whew!

This new
Green Bible says that God is Green.  It focuses on how we are
to care for and protect this earth.  It has a
Green Subject Index that
organizes verses by topics, like air, dust and pollution, and it provides the
reader with information on how they can get involved with this movement.

They boast that "its design is simplistic and streamlined.
It's printed on recycled paper with soy based ink, it features
a cotton and linen book cover, and more than 1,000 verses
that speak about God's care for creation are printed in

Red Letter Bible vs. Green Letter Bible.
Can anyone say copycat? Counterfeit?  Corrupt?  Not yet?
Okay, well just keep reading, because there's so much more!

They openly admit that the purpose of this new
Bible is to encourage more evangelical Christians
to not only accept, but embrace environmentalism.

It's being endorsed by secular groups like "The Humane Society",
who by the way have been distributing free copies of this new
Environmentally Safe,
Green Gospel.  And why?  Well, here it is,
and I quote... "to promote moral awareness of the treatment
of farm animals and pets in the family home."  Huh?

These groups call themselves Christians and say they speak for
Christianity, but make no mistake about it, they clearly and openly
do NOT have a religious focus.  They embrace environmental causes
and their main agenda is to spread this environmental message.

This new Environmentally Safe, Eco Friendly,
Green Bible
includes a collection of inspirational essays from various
conservationists and theologians who talk about why they are
Green, and why all of us Christians should be Green.  They even
go so far as to blatantly proclaim that "this is our Central Calling".

This Book has
Green themes all the way through it. The
introduction is entitled, "The Power Of A
Green God". And one
of the essays is entitled, "Jesus Is Coming - Plant A Tree!"

Readers are also provided with a
Green Study Guide that
instructs them "to find an actual stone or some other memento
from nature, so that by the time they finish the
Green Study
Guide, they will have created a small memorial to mark their
so called journey." Wow!  Are Christians really falling for this?

They say the most prominent feature is that it is the first ever
Green Letter Edition of the Bible.  No, the Words of Christ are
not in
Green, but all the verses that supposedly speak about God's
care for creation are printed in
Green.  Are we impressed yet?

Ya know, I want to be a good steward of God's
creation just as much as the next Christian, but what are
these people actually teaching? Sounds like idolatry to me!

They imply that God is more concerned with us taking care of
this planet than He is about "Love or Heaven".  In their promotion,
they declare the following:  "The Bible's powerful message for the
earth is evident - containing over 1,000 references to this earth -
compared with 530 references to love and 490 to heaven."

Here is a sample question from "The
Green Bible Quiz":
Which verse praising creation is from the Psalms?
They say the answer is
Psalm 19:1; "The heavens are telling
the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his handiwork."

You say, what's the problem with that?  Well, this verse is NOT
praising creation.  It's doing the exact opposite, expressing how
creation praises God.  Is this a big deal?  Can anyone say
Romans 1:25?

Here's another one:  Where did Jesus go to commune with nature?
They say the answer can be found in
Matthew 14:23; "And after he had
dismissed the crowds, he went up the mountain by himself to pray."

Come on now, are these people really serious?  Jesus was not a hippy
and He did not go up the mountain to commune with nature! He went
up the mountain to pray.  He went up  to literally talk with God!

Stretching the meaning of a verse to make a point is
one thing, but butchering a verse and replacing God
with nature is a serious offense! This is a very big deal!

Barbara Brown Taylor, who is cited as being a contributor of this
Green Bible, says the following about the 6th day of creation:

...while God may have made human beings for a special purpose, we
were not made of any more special stuff than the rest of creation.
We were made on the same day as cows and creeping things and wild
animals of every kind.  God gave us dominion, it is true, but God did
not pronounce us better than anything else that God had made.

What she is saying here is that we are no better than the animals
that God made because we were all made on the same day!  Does
she really believe this?  Excuse me, but our special place in creation
is founded upon our "Unique Status as Image Bearers of God"!

Yes folks, Satan is still very much in the deceiving business today and
it literally amazes me how so many people fall for his lies.  He will
stop at nothing to distract us from the True Message of Christ.

I think all Christians want to be good stewards of God's
creation.  But if the only way to join the
Green Team is to
accept poor theology and counterfeit biblical doctrine that
butchers and twists the Word of God to further a specific cause,
then I guess this girl won't be hugging any trees any time soon!

I have no doubt that God fully expects each of us to do our
part in caring for the earth He gave us. But when we start coming
out with
Green Bibles that focus on saving this earth, instead of
saving lost souls, then the time may be later than we think.

And if my God is
Green, then I would be more inclined to
believe that it's because He is angry, not because He's so
overly concerned with how we are caring for and preserving
this planet earth, or, as they so subtly put it - "Creation Care".

And here's another kicker, "The
Green Bible; Green Letter Edition"
uses the NRSV (New Revised Standard Version), which omits 3,890
words, omits 18 entire verses, and changes the entire meaning of at
least 26 verses.  But then, guess who published the NRSV?  Did you
say HarperCollins?  Bingo!  Check this out for yourself -  

Satan is so very busy in these last days. He's still roaming to and fro
about this earth deceiving many. He knows his time is short. Remember,
Jesus scolded the Pharisees for not knowing the signs of the times,
and if He wanted us to have a
Green Bible, He would have made it so.

Let's not be deceived and allow him to distract
us from OUR mission.  Jesus is coming back soon!
May God bless you as you seek His Truth in all things!