Important Steps

Daily Bible Reading
The Word is the main foundation in our lives.  We must
study our Bible.  We must learn what the Truth is, so
we will always be able to respond with the positive.

We must keep our faith smart, keen and
strong, remembering always that when we
are faithful to God - He is faithful to us!
Build yourself up on your most Holy Faith.
Jude 1:20)

Be Thankful
We should always remember what God
has already done for us and others.

Stay Focused
We must learn to take adversity or setbacks as
an opportunity to plunge into a greater miracle.

Be Patient
We must remember that time is an ingredient for
our miracle.  We should not limit God with our time
frames.  We should learn to relax and wait on God.

We need to put ourselves in the position to receive.
We should develop character.  We have to ready
ourselves to help pull in our miracle from God.

We do not want to miss our miracle by lack of prayer!
We are to be consistent in our prayer and calling out to God.
We are to pray according to His teaching and in His Power,
depending upon God.  We are to study and learn what
prayer is by following the Scriptures.  Then we are to
obey the Holy Spirit of God in our prayer lives.

We must learn how to keep walking in the experience of
God.  When there is no unjudged sin in our lives, God's
Love will constantly warm our hearts and fill our lives.
If we walk in the light, we will experience that love.
Keep yourself in the love of God.  (Jude 1:21)

So, go to the Word of God.  Don't be afraid to get down
on your knees and pray!  Spend time with God focusing
on your relationship with Him, and If your heart is
genuinely committed to God, He WILL receive you.

We have to always remember that circumstances can open or
close doors for us, and when God closes a door, it's usually
for our own protection.  We have to trust God's reasonings
because they are far more better than our own understanding.

Have you ever had someone say something to you and it was
just what you needed to hear right then?  He will send us
godly council.  God will use just what we need at the time,
depending on where we are at in our walk with Him.  God
usually reveals His Will to us one step at a time, and if we
are obedient each step at a time, He will show us more!

We must keep a good attitude.

We must trust.  (Proverbs 3:5-6)

We must wait on Him.  (Psalms 121:1-8)

We must be submissive.  Whatever You
want me to do, Lord, show me Your Will!

We must have courage.  It takes courage to hear and do the
Will of God, but whatever it is Lord, the answer is Yes!

There's nothing more rewarding than to just know
that you know that you know!  And that's exactly
what happens when The Holy Spirit assures our spirit.

Let's keep our hope sharp and bright,
looking and waiting for His intervention again!
Safe In the Arms of Jesus!
Rest In His Love!
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