How This Website Came To Be

I have had several people through the years say things to me
like, "Wow, your website is so beautiful, I could NEVER do
something like that!  There's so much to see, you must be so
smart to have put all that together!  I've never seen a website
quite like this before!"  And to all those comments, I just have
to chuckle under my breath and say, "If you only knew!"  Hey, if
this girl figured it out, believe me, anyone can, and to back that
statement up, here's the story of how this website came to be.

Back in 2005 I broke my foot and ended up with just way too much
time on my hands.  I was off work for six months and living alone, so
I desperately needed something constructive to do to keep busy
while being off my feet at the same time.  Hmmm... what to do.

Well, over the years I had quite a collection of "favorite things".
You know, things we hold on to for whatever reason - things we jot
down so we will never forget ... like poems, sayings, short stories,
important scriptures, maybe something we wrote ourselves, or
something we've kept because we're going to look into it further
when we get the time. These were all things that had either caught
my attention, or for some reason held a special place in my heart,
and I had held on to many of these "things" for years and years.

Well, little did I know that one day after my kids were grown and
gone that I would actually have the time to organize and reflect
back on everything I had collected.  Wow, I finally had the time!
So I decided to make one special place on my computer for quick
and easy access to it all, just for me though.  It was to be for my
own inspiration and personal viewing.  I couldn't wait to see what
all I had actually gathered over the years..., and all in one place!

To make a very long story short, a lot of trial-and-error will be
skipped here, and I do mean a whole lot.  If you can just imagine it
all, as I knew very little about computers and absolutely nothing
about what it meant to have anything published online for even my
own viewing, not to mention anybody else.  I did find a place though,
finally got it all on here, and then I thought, okay, now I can take
my time getting it all in order.  Whew!  I finally did it!  I'm done.  
After all these years, I now have a designated place for all my
"favorite things".  Wow, I felt such a sense of accomplishment!

Well, the only thing I can figure out to this day is that God had
other plans, because the first time I found out that someone else
had visited one of my pages, I was shocked!  I wasn't advertising
or promoting any of my pages, and still do not today, so how in the
world did that happen? I hadn't even told anyone what I had done,
so, how did they find my pages?  As you can see, I didn't know
anything about the world-wide-web and hadn't even entertained
the thought of someone else viewing what I had put on here.

After I got over the initial shock, I knew I had to get serious.
So I headed off in a totally different direction trying to learn
what I needed to know about the internet.  I had to get all my
pages cleaned up and presentable if others were going to be
able to view them, because now I was responsible for someone
else besides myself.  I was now on an entirely new mission and
my time off work was nearing an end.  I sure didn't realize it
then, but it didn't matter anyway, because here it is over ten
years later and I'm still here, and on that very same mission!  

It's a crazy story, I know, but it's true, and I look back
now and laugh at myself.  If anyone had tried to tell me
back then that I would end up with a website for Jesus,
I never would have believed it, but now I know in my heart
that this is exactly what He had in store for me all along!
God bless you!  And if you're reading this and thinking maybe
you just stumbled onto this website by accident, or you could
never do anything like this for Jesus ... you need to go back
and read my story again because even the smallest of things
happen for a reason, even though it may not be evident to us
at the time . . . we never know what God has in store for us!
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