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Who Am I?
I am a child of God.  I am a sinner
saved by Grace.  I know who I am in
Christ.  I am a mother, a daughter,
a sister and an aunt.  I am a grown
woman, a friend and a best friend.
I am a worker, a listener, a helper
and a leader.  I am loved, blessed,
healed and forgiven.  I am a woman
of faith, prayer, hope and love.
I am shy, but outspoken.  I am fun,
yet serious.  I am weak, but strong
in Christ.  I know why He came.
I know why I am here.  I know my
destination.  Do you know yours?
I am not ashamed
of the Gospel of Christ.
Romans 1:16

Hi Everyone & Welcome!
I am not a preacher, a teacher,
or anything like that.  I'm just an
ordinary everyday person that really
doesn't know much - but of this one
thing - I have absolutely no doubt:

There is only One True God and He
loves us so much that He sacrificed
His only begotten Son to die for us.
There Is No Greater Love Than This!
Jesus died for you and for me, and He
did so voluntarily so that we could be
saved and live for eternity with Him.

Romans 10:9  says that if we confess
with our mouth that Jesus is Lord, and
we believe in our heart that God raised
Him from the dead, we will be saved.

Our true purpose in life is to serve
the Lord. We are to love one another,
take on each others burdens, and
spread the Good News of His Love.
That is our Great Commission, the
Only Truth, and our Blessed Hope!

Jesus loves you so very much!  So,
hurry, don't put it off for another
minute! Jesus IS coming back and
we need to be sure we are ready.
We are to be waiting and watching!

Believe me when I tell you that having
THAT kind of peace is true rest
within your heart, and it only comes
from knowing who you are in Christ!

So come on, fill that void in your life,
finally - once and for all!  It's the
only way, the absolute ultimate,
and you DO NOT want to miss it!
As followers of Christ, we must
remember that we have the most
powerful force of the universe
on our side!  We must keep the
right attitude and be happy
in spite of our circumstances.

We must stay faithful in times of
testing, remembering always that
God uses the tough times, the
proving grounds, to grow us up!
As a Mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you.
Watch your Thoughts:
They become your Words.

Watch your Words:
They become your Actions.

Watch your Actions:
They become your Habits.

Watch your Habits:
They become your Character.

Watch your Character:
It becomes your Destiny.

The way we think all the time can
become more powerful than what
we believe, because what we think
all the time becomes who we are.
Book of Love
I will be ashamed no more.  I refuse to be
one who claims to know Jesus Christ, but
doesn't even know why I believe what I
Psalm 119:2,  2 Timothy 2:15

I choose to become learned in
God's Word.  I will move on toward
perfection by learning the elementary
teachings of Christ and then build
upon that foundational knowledge.
Jesus Is Lord
For the eyes of the Lord run to and
fro throughout the whole earth, to
show himself strong in behalf of them
whose hearts are perfect toward Him.
2 Chronicles 16:9
There was a young man in Napoleons
army who committed a deed that was
worthy of death. The day before he was
scheduled for the firing squad, the young
man’s Mother went to Napoleon and
pleaded Mercy for her Son.  Napoleon
replied, “Woman, your son does not
deserve Mercy!”  The Mother in turn
replied, “Well, I know that!  If he
deserved it, it would not be Mercy!”
Mercy is when God does not give us what
we deserve.  Instead he gives us Grace.
It is love that is given when it is not
deserved.  It is forgiveness given when
it is not earned.  It is a gift that flows
like a refreshing stream to quench the
fires of angry condemning words.
For Christians, the Bible must always
be the factor in understanding what is
happening in this world.  And regardless
of what some might say, the earth is
the Lord's and nature is God's system,
full of warnings and signs of the times.

Keep in mind that doctrine is
constant.  It's our interpretation
that changes with understanding.
Acts 1:8 tells us that we are to be
witnesses for Christ.  To witness
means we are to tell others what
we know about something.
So to witness for Christ means we are to
tell others about the salvation the Lord
Jesus Christ freely gives to those who
receive Him.  True Christians will not
be ashamed to witness for the Lord!
Romans 10:11
JESUS is with me!
Negative inner voices would love to
convince me that I am a nobody.  But
the Holy Spirit of God challenges me
every day to believe that I am of value
to God and that I will be with Jesus in
paradise.  Can I believe God when He
tells me that I was so important to Him
that He gave His only Son, Jesus Christ,
to die on the cross for my sins?  You bet
I can and you can too!  We are special to
God!  Lord, help us to believe it and live it.
For God so loved the world... John 3:16
Righteousness means having a sense of
being approved by God, of being honored,
cherished and fully accepted by Him.
God gives us a standing of worth.  We
don't have to earn it; we start with it.
God tells us in the New Testament;
“I have loved you, I have forgiven you,
I have cleansed you.  I intend to use
you; your life is significant."  There
is nothing more you can add to that.
Worship is our response to God.  When
God shows us His person, His provision,
and His power, we respond with awe,
wonder, and gratitude.  As we develop
a consistent devotional life, we become
intimate with our Heavenly Father.  God
wants us to draw near to Him.  Through
devotion and prayer, our relationship
will only grow deeper each and every day.
Love Never Fails.
As Christians, we should strive to set
an example for other believers.  We
should be concerned-about and
aware-of how we come across to
other people.  We should always be
sensitive as to how others see us.

When we use our speech and our
conduct to set good examples,
three qualities will come through;
love, faithfulness and purity.

This is very important because
without these qualities, our words
mean absolutely nothing - they
become null and void.
We need to know the ways of God;
His perspective on this world, history,
current affairs, the future, our work;
We need to know what brings Him joy
and what causes Him to grieve.  We
need to ask God to show us His Ways.

Psalm 25:1-22  says: Show me Your
Ways, O Lord, teach me Your Paths;
guide me in Your Truth and teach
me.  Thank You, Lord.  You are my
everything.  You're all I need.
To fear God not only means to respect
God, but we should acknowledge His
Presence in our life NOW; not just at
the end of our life someday.  To fear
God is to know that He sees ALL we
do, and His Hand can most certainly
send circumstances into our lives.

The knowledge of God's Power,
Wisdom and Love, and His Willingness
to accept us, to change us, to forgive
us, to restore us, and to stand by
us, are all part of fearing God.

To fear God is to know how to live
in the midst of the world and yet
not be self-righteous, smug, or
complacent.  That kind of wisdom
gives strength to the wise!
Ecclesiastes 7:19
Does your TALK match your WALK
The Glory of Jesus is the glory of love.
It's the love of God for people - for us!

That is what grips our hearts, changing
our lives, making us different people.
That is what forgives our sins, lifts us
up again, encouraging our hearts.  It's
when we realize that God indeed really
does love us  - just as He loves Jesus!
The Perfect Fit - JESUS
Wow, God says, "I have made my
children in such a way that when
the people of the world are sitting,
my children will be

When the world is standing,
my children will

When the world stands out, my
children will be

And when the devil dares the world
to be outstanding, my children will
be the
We must hold things lightly.  This is
the truth that will deliver us from the
pressures of these times.  We must
not think that houses, cars, money, and
material  gain  are  all  that  important.
Even if we lack these things, the great
treasures of our life remain untouched.

To strive constantly to gain what every
one else has is a mistake.  God teaches
us to hold these things lightly.  We must
never forget that we are IN the world
but not OF it.  We are never to settle
down here for good.  We are like pilgrims
just passing through, even though we are
involved in it, and very deeply at times
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We will take nothing from this world, but
we need to be ready to take everything
from God.  We need to fix our eyes upon
another place and not be satisfied with
anything this earth offers.  If our hearts
are really wrapped up in the scene down
here, we will be sitting ducks for all the
pressures that come upon us.  But if our
eyes are fixed upon the city that God
alone builds, where the person of faith
looks, we can be very independent here.

We were made to be creatures of
eternity -
Ecclesiastes 3:11.  We were
not made to be creatures of time.  We
are not made to be satisfied with this
world - only to pass into silent realms of
death.  God set eternity in our hearts,
so let’s not lose sight of our goal!
It takes courage to be godly in such an ungodly world!
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and
lean not on your own understanding.
Proverbs 3:5

It is His answer to the attack of the
devil, who comes to discourage us,
defeat us, lure us aside, deceive us, or
mislead us in some way.  We need to be
exposed to Scripture so the Spirit can
use this mighty sword in our lives.

If we never read or study our Bible, we
are left exposed to defeat and despair.
We have no defense and we have nothing
to put up against these forces that are
at work.  We must read our Bible daily.

Only when the Word is opened up
can we begin to understand ourselves
because we are made in His  Image.
It is very important that Christians
understand the Power Of Scripture!
Remembering God does not mean that
we merely think about Him every once
in a while.  It means we are to relate to
Him, walk with Him, discover Him, and
learn to know everything we can about
Him before we grow old.  Why?

Because one of the main characteristics
of old age is that we lose our ability to
change and learn new things; we are
subject to greater pressures and so
those days then become days of trouble.

So, learn the Scriptures now, while you’re
young, while motivation is high and evil
pressures are fewer before old age
sets in and you are unwilling to change.

Remember now thy Creator in the days
of thy youth, while the evil days come
not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou
shalt say, I have no pleasure in them;
Ecclesiastes 12:1
Be still and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10

We all need solitude in order to lead a
spiritual life.  In worshipful solitude we
are free from all the clatter, clutter and
crowds.  That is when we can hear, feel,
touch, taste and know God.  It is in a
healthy detachment from the world that
we find a special attachment to God.
Nothing substitutes for the knowledge
of the Word of God.  That's how we can
tell when something is wrong.  Our best
response is a deep sense of our true
identity as a believer.  We need to fall
back on our clear consciousness of who
we are in Christ because faced with the
normal pressures and problems of life,
we must still live lives worthy of God.
1 Thessalonians 2:12

There are so many voices today, and
as Christians, we must ask the Lord to
help us discern His Voice, and help us
to act in accordance with His Word
and our true identity as His child.
When I was young, I wanted to change
the world.  When I found I couldn't
change the world, I tried to change my
nation.  When I found I couldn't change
my nation, I tried to change my town.
When I found I couldn't change my
town, I tried to change my family.  But
now that I'm older, I know the only thing
I can change is myself, and suddenly I
realize that if long ago I had changed
myself, I could have made an impact on
my family.  My family could have made
an impact on our town, their impact
could have changed our nation, and then
maybe I could have changed the world!
Grace is not a covering FOR our sins,
it's a cleansing FROM our sins.  The
Romans Road to Salvation is the
message we should all proclaim.
This book teaches that sinners are
transformed by the Grace of God.

Grace is unearned and undeserved
favor and spiritual blessings from God.  
The two great heritages of the Christian
are Grace and Peace, no matter what the
circumstances.  These characteristics
should mark Christians at all times.
Man is made up of three distinct parts:
body, soul, and spirit.  The body is made
up of flesh and can be touched.  The soul
forms the basic thought patterns and
directs one’s functions.  The spirit is
in direct relationship with the Lord.
Kneel before God
Manhood begins by submitting
to the purposes of God.
A man's  character can be
defined by how he treats his
mother as the years pass by.
Bad company corrupts good
 1 Corinthians 15:33
To flee from temptation is NOT a sign
of weakness.  It's a sign of WISDOM!
Father, thank You that You can change
the mistakes I have made as a parent
into opportunities for advancement in
my children's lives as well as my own.
Agape Love ... Just what is it?
It is genuine Godly Love, which is
something we do not have naturally.
We have to have God in our lives to
have this kind of love.  The supreme
measure of Agape Love is God's love
for us.  We have a God who loved
us, not because He found anything
beautiful or attractive or desirable
in us, not because we deserved it,
but just because He Is Love!
Have you ever been tempted to be
ashamed of Jesus?  I mean to talk
about a Lord who is the most important
being in your life, but not be able to
show Him to people or allow them to
hear Him? To maintain that a man who
lived 2000 years ago is still alive today
and is in a vital relationship with you?

The gospel message is so contrary to
human reasoning and pride, that it sets
up situations that tempt us to be ashamed
of it, but Paul refused to be ashamed of
the gospel -
Romans 1:16.  Shame is such a
widespread temptation that even Jesus
had to warn us about it in  
Mark 8:38.

We are loyal to Jesus because He
saved us when we were lost!  We
don't have to fear death anymore,
we can look forward to a glorious
beginning!  We have nothing to fear
with Him by our side because Jesus
Christ not only gives us life, but
knowing Him and walking with Him
makes life worth living! So don't be
ashamed, Speak Up for Jesus!
Oh Lord, Forgive Us
There's a basic unity among God's
children.  As followers of Jesus
Christ, we belong to each other.
We are part of the Family of God.

We need to act like it because the
world is not impressed when they see
us behaving just like everybody else.  
There must be a difference in us
because Jesus Christ lives in us!
Tribulations produce patience;
Patience produces experience;
Experience produces hope; and
Hope makes us not ashamed
because the Love of God is shed
abroad in our hearts by the Holy
Spirit which is given unto us.
Romans 5:3-5
God Is With Me!
Sometimes I get terrified at what
God can do to me if I do not behave.
That can motivate me  at times. ... it may
be a low motivation, but it's still there.

But the thing that really gets to me,
when nothing else will, is the continuing
experience of the love of Christ for me.
It refreshes my spirit to know that He
loves me, that He is there for me, He
stands beside me and He delights in me.  
Knowing THAT will move me like nothing
else.  There is nothing like it.  It gives
me a sense of security, it gives me a
sense of self-worth, and a good self-
image, and that will change everything.
2 Corinthians 5:14-15
A real Christian is an odd number.
He feels supreme love for the One whom
he has never seen, talks familiarly every
day to Someone he cannot see, expects
to go to Heaven on the virtue of Another,
empties himself in order to be full, admits
he is wrong so he can be declared right,
goes down in order to get up, is strongest
when he is weakest, richest when he is
poorest, and happiest when he feels the
worst.  He dies so he can live, forsakes in
order to have, gives away so he can keep,
sees the invisible, hears the inaudible' and
knows that which passeth understanding.
Wow, what a wonderful paradox!
I loved you yesterday, I love you still, I always have and always will. -Jesus
What's contained in the Old
is explained in the New.
Bible Turning Pages
What's concealed in the Old
is revealed in the New.
Bible Turning Pages
Hmmm ... I guess we'd
better read the whole thing!
Everything Must Be Decided By Scripture
News is just old things
happening to new people!

If it's true, it's not new.
And if it's new, it's not true!

"There is no new thing under
the sun..." - mentioned a mere
25 times in the short little
book of Ecclesiastes.
Dear Heavenly Father, Forgive me
for behaving like the fearful servant
who buried his talent into the ground.

Lord, sometimes I don't feel like I have
anything to offer others, but I know You
have given each of Your children special
gifts.  Help my fear, Lord, and reveal to
me the gifts that You want me to develop.

Help me to listen to Your Voice, and
help me to be bold, as You call me to
a life of adventure for Your Glory.
In Jesus' Name I pray, Amen.
The world's take on the "Value of Life"
is Health, Wealth and Happiness.
So, what's your view?

If you are a Christian, you will be
different and people will know it!
The things of this world and sin
will no longer please you.
We don't change God's Message. His Message changes us!
True worship is designed to
remain in our hearts all through
the day.  We should be so caught
up in the expression of what
is valuable to us - the worth of
the God we serve, that we give
ourselves fully in heart, spirit,
and truth to Him 24/7.

If we truly believe this, it will
color every single aspect of our
daily existence because true
worship will remain in our hearts
and guide us all through the day.
From this we draw joy, calmness,
strength and the courage to do
the things we need to do.

When we praise God, it takes us into His
Presence.  Praise defeats Satan.  It is a
cure for spiritual dryness.  God loves
Praise and He is looking for worshipers.
He deserves our worship and praise!
Christ is either LORD OF ALL
or He is not Lord at all!
The God of Glory who dwells with me,
and walks with me throughout the
day, is the basis for my very life!

The true worshiper flees to God
in times of pressure, and we run
to Him in our mind and rest upon
His great promises in times of
temptation, when we feel weak,
assaulted, unable or uncertain.
Christianity is not a religion
of uncertainty.  We have an
Absolute Final Authority with
Absolute Answers!
 1 John 5:13,
2 Timothy 1:12,  Job 19:25,
1 Peter 1:18,  John 19:25
When we are distraught, we look back.
When we are dismayed, we look down.
When we are distracted, we look around.
But when we are delivered, we look UP!
I have hidden Your Word in my heart so that I will not sin against thee!
To learn the meaning of life from
a generation nearing the end of its
journey... one family begins and one
family extends, while one family
grieves and one family ends.  It is
true that everything has an end,
but the end of life on this earth
as we've come to know it, is only
the beginning of a glorious future
for the true Born Again Christian!
Work is not something we are forced
to do to keep alive.  The truth is, if
we did not have work to do to keep
us busy, we would be miserable.

We are to work with all our might, not
just get through it the best we can so
we can get home and enjoy ourselves.
That is not the Biblical way.

Work is a blessing from God, but
hard, grinding, toiling work is the
result of the fall...  it's the sweat,
anxiety, and constant pressure that
creates the endless rat race of life.

What we need to realize is that the true
purpose of work is for the development
of our character -  plus it gives us
the opportunity to serve others!
Jesus Loves You
The Scriptures tell us that we are to
pursue love.  We are to go hard after
it.  We are to make it our aim.  Why?
Because love is necessary to please
God.  Love allows us to trust and is
strengthened by working through
conflicts together.  Love is the only
thing that can be divided without
being diminished.  One of our main
goals in life is to learn how to love!
He's the Head of my House,
the Unseen Guest at my
table and the Silent Listener
to every conversation!
When I rest in Christs' Righteousness
instead of my own self-righteousness
I am declared Justified:

JUST - IF - I'D  never sinned!
It's easy to see that Christianity is
rapidly tumbling into apostasy.  We must
remember that just because a religion
says it is Christian, does not make it so.

To be born again means we must convert;
that means we must separate ourselves
from all the worldliness around us.  We
must be careful to discern the Truth by
comparing Biblical teachings to what the
world is teaching.  Our focus must stay
on eternal life with Christ Jesus!

The Christian is given an insight into life
that others just simply do not have!
We are convicted, converted, kept,
sanctified, anointed, and preserved
for Christ by His Holy Spirit!
There’s a wonderful truth that’s
sometimes hard for us to grasp, and
that truth is that God does not make
any mistakes.  Other people sometimes
may make serious mistakes that affect
our lives.  But God is always fulfilling
His eternal purposes, and they can’t
be stopped by any human failure.

If we’re in Christ, our lives are in His
hands, and nothing can touch us that
hasn’t first been filtered through His
fingers of love.  God’s will is exactly what
we would choose if we knew what God
knows. Only when we stand in eternity,
will we see clearly what we know now only
by faith: He truly has done all things well.
We will fall, fail, grieve and repent.
But we will always return to the
One whose Word and Spirit
has transformed our hearts!
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2 Timothy 2:15
Study to show thyself approved unto God.
A workman that needeth not be ashamed
rightly dividing the Word of Truth.
Our race had a hopeful beginning, but
man spoiled his chances by sinning.  We
hope it will end in God's glory, but at
present the other side's winning.  Sure
looks that way, doesn't it?  But it isn't.
Despite all the appearances, God is so
incomparably greater, that there's
really no contest at all whatsoever!